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Monster went to the vet again today

I’m still not 100% sure what is going on with him. He was peeing blood yesterday at 1am and I got it in a syringe for the vet. I dropped him off and they checked him over and looked at the sample. He’s acting fine luckily but I know he has to be in some discomfort.

The vet saw red blood cells and bladder lining cells in the urine. She said this likely means inflammation of the bladder though it’s hard to tell if there’s any thickening of the bladder but she didn’t feel any masses which is good. She said there is a possibility that there is a tumor casing the issues but she doesn’t suspect it at this time. He’s on a new antibiotic for 3 weeks and a natural supplement for inflammation. He hates both of these -.-

I just hope he gets better and starts having urine in his bladder when I take him to the vet! I’m sick of them saying “we couldn’t get a culture because his bladder was empty”. @*%#!


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  1. circeswildthings said: aw i really hope he’s okay!
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